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Meditation: Placing Divine Mother's Copper Gold Lotus in each Chakra ~ Waves of Bliss



Dear Friends,

Welcome to September of 2012.

For our meditation this month we have a wonderful Grid of Light. This Grid was offered at the 8/8 Portal Channeling as a gift of thanksgiving for all we receive in togetherness by our own Jim Foster. I hope you enjoy it and share it with your loved ones.  It is a simple and very powerful Grid of Light which can even be taught to younger generations, including teenagers and children. It involves envisioning Divine Mother seated inside a lotus placed in each of the chakras of the body. Through this meditation, Divine Mother is offering love, watching over us and protecting us and magnifying our success in all our endeavors.

Happy Equinox and Many blessings to all,



Portal Days in July: 9/1/12, 9/2/12, 9/9/12, 9/10/12, 9/11/12, 9/12/12, 9/18/12, 9/20/12, 9/21/12, 9/22/12, 9/27/12, 9/29/12.

The Full Moon in Sept is on Sun,9/30. New Moon is on 9/16. 


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Divine Mother places her Copper Gold Lotus in each Chakra 


Taken from 8/8/12 Gateway Portal Day

© FAGU 2012 

Hello everyone this is Jim. I thank all of you for joining us and Divine Mother to focus on the anchoring of the Divine Feminine Energies on Earth. This event is of great importance.  Many of you have come into this lifetime to play a major role in these events at the conclusion of this 13,000 year cycle, where the new cycle of the reign of the Divine Feminine begins. This is a conclusion to the accomplishment of our Divine Mission which has stretched over many thousands of years and many hundreds of life times.

The next 13,000 year cycle will be that of the Divine Feminine Energies which will clear and cleanse the Five Elements, earth and humankind, allowing us to anchor and establish ourselves in the Fifth Dimensional Octave, moving ourselves into the New Age.  The courses offered at our Path to Enlightenment Mystery School and the Meditational exercises offered through our Waves Of Bliss Website, allow us to acknowledge, receive and accept the Energies of the Divine Feminine and anchor these energies fully on earth and within the Five Elements, benefiting all Creation.

As you begin the following meditational exercise, please set your intentions that through this month Divine Mother succeeds in accomplishing all she wishes through each of us, and that her intentions succeed beyond her expectation and our limitation.

Grounding Meditation

Take a deep breath and prepare for our grounding meditation. We will be using Uluru and the Niagara Falls for our grounding exercise, in order to incorporate the Element of Earth, represented by Uluru, and the Element of Water, represented by the Horseshoe Falls at Niagara Falls.

Visualize that you are standing on top of Uluru, the great red rock, in central Australia.  Feel the heartbeat of Uluru and Mother Earth and pause for a moment to absorb the energies. Now imagine that simultaneously you are suspended in the air over Horseshoe Falls, feeling the mist as the water pours over the falls and splashing in the river below. Feel, simultaneously, the energy of the falls, to bring in the Water Element, and the energy of the red rock Uluru, representing the Earth Element, beneath your feet.

See that you are connecting to both of these places, both of these Elements, and imagine that beneath your feet you see the Pillar of Light, your Hara Line (a shaft of Light which begins below the feet and connects you to the Core of the Earth), extend down to the Core of Mother Earth.  You can visualize the Sacred Fire that sits at the Core of Mother Earth and see the Red Life Force Energy of Mother Earth mixing with the Gold of the Core Crystal making Amber colored Light. Pull that Amber colored Light up through the Hara Line – up to your body.  Let it fill your Chakras, fill your entire body and your Energy Bodies and let it even fill Uluru and fill Niagara Falls with the Amber colored Light.

We will send the Amber colored Light up the Antahkarana Cord (a shaft of Light which connects you to the Higher Realms and Thrones, extending up to the Throne of Divine Mother and the Pool of Creation).  Imagine the Amber Light extending from your Crown Chakra, on top of your head, all the way up through the Thrones into the Pool of Creation where it spreads out. We pull the Amber colored Cosmic Life Force Energy from the Pool of Creation back down through the Antahkarana Cord.  See the Amber colored Light pouring down through the Thrones, enlivening and filling the Thrones as it moves down into your body, through your Crown Chakra, filling Uluru, filling the Horseshoe Falls, down to the Core of the Earth.

You are the catalyst for moving the Life Force Energy, the Amber Life Force Energy of Mother Earth moving up and the Cosmic Life Force Energy of the Cosmos moving down, anchoring you to the Core Crystal, to the heart of Mother Earth.  The Element of Earth through Uluru, the Element of Water through the Horseshoe Falls, the Element of Fire through the Sacred Fire at the Core of Mother Earth, the Air around us and the Ether all represented.  Feel yourself anchored to Mother Earth and connected to the Cosmic Life Force Energy, as it is pouring down, as the Life Force Energy of Mother Earth is moving up.

Nature & the Divine Feminine

Now imagine that you are sitting once again in your favorite spot in a meadow or by a lake, river or the ocean.   Imagine that you feel connected to nature, connected to Mother Earth, connected to the Divine Feminine expressing itself through nature.

Now, imagine you are sitting cross legged, and visualize that directly in front of you, sitting cross legged, is Divine Mother.  She is sitting on top of a lotus. She is emanating her own signature energy, the Copper Gold Light and the lotus is emanating Copper Gold Light.  She is sitting facing you, your knees are touching.  She is looking into your eyes, smiling and pouring her Copper Gold Light over you, pouring her love over you.  Take a moment and make a connection with Divine Mother, express your love and gratitude for all that she has done for you, for your loved ones, for Earth and humankind.

Now see that our own Goddess Victory is standing directly behind you holding her Scepter of Victory and her Torch of Victory over your and Divine Mother’s head.  Lemon-Yellow, Pewter and Platinum colored Lights are pouring down. Breathe and absorb the love.

Now see the Great Silent Watcher standing in her Turquoise Blue colored robes, with her huge Scepter of Power held in both hands up over you and Divine Mother. She is beaming the Turquoise Blue colored Light from her Scepter to your Eighth Chakra- about 10 inches above your Crown Chakra.  She is also pouring Turquoise Blue colored Light to your Earth Crust Chakra,  the chakra just below your feet, in the crust of the earth – about 12 inches below the ground.  See a Seven Pointed Star superimposed over each of these two Chakras. This Turquoise Blue Light is now filling all your Chakras between the 8th and the Earth Crust Chakra and creating a large Cocoon of Turquoise Blue colored Light around you.  This is a Cocoon of Protection, Fearlessness and Divine Power – a gift from our own Great Silent Watcher to each of you.

You are sitting in the middle of this meadow with our own beloved Divine Mother directly in front of you, within the Cocoon of Turquoise Blue, with Victory holding her Torch and Scepter above your head. Breathe and bathe in these energies.

Divine Mother sits on her Lotus in each Chakra

Now Divine Mother begins to send her Copper Gold Light from each one of her Chakras to yours.  From her own Eighth Chakra above her head she beams Copper Gold Light to your 8th Chakra.  A miniature image of Divine Mother seated upon the lotus begins to fully form within your chakra.  The Copper Gold Light begins to pulse and expand in your 8th Chakra.  Breathe and bathe in the energies.

This image will be repeated in each of the chakras of your body. Imagine your Crown Chakra now pulsing with the image of Divine Mother seated inside. Breathe and bathe.

Now Divine Mother’s Third Eye Chakra in her forehead is beaming Copper Gold Light to your Third Eye Chakra her.  A miniature aspect of Divine Mother is seated in your Third Eye Chakra on top of a Lotus, receiving the Copper Gold Light, magnifying and pulsing it into your Third Eye. Breathe and bathe.

Now see the beam of Copper Gold Light expanding in your Throat Chakra and see Divine Mother seated on a Lotus inside your Throat Chakra, magnifying the Copper Gold Light and pulsing in rhythm with the other Chakras.

Now from Divine Mother’s Cosmic Heart Chakra- which is between the Personal Heart and Throat Chakra in the center of your chest – a beam of Copper Gold Light begins to expand. See Divine Mother seated in your own Cosmic Heart Chakra on top of the Lotus, pulsing with the Copper Gold Light.  Breathe and bathe.

The Personal Heart Chakra, directly between the two nipples in the center of your chest is filling with the Copper Gold Light.  Divine Mother, seated on her Lotus, is magnifying the Copper Gold Light. Breathe and bathe.

The Seat of the Soul Chakra, directly between the Personal Heart Chakra and your belly button, is filling with the Copper Gold Light and Divine Mother is sitting on top of the Lotus receiving and magnifying the Copper Gold Light within the Seat of the Soul Chakra, pulsing it in rhythm with your other Chakras. Breathe and bathe.

See the Solar Plexus Chakra filling up, see Divine Mother on her Lotus in the Solar Plexus and see that this Chakra expands to even bigger than the others.  This Seat of Power for our Third Dimensional Reality, fills even more with the Energies of Divine Mother so that, not your will but the Will of the Divine Feminine, is always expressed through your actions. Breathe and bathe.

The Sacral Plexus Chakra fills with the Copper Gold Light and Divine Mother is sitting on the Lotus, reinforcing and magnifying this Light. Breathe and bathe.

See your Root Chakra and Divine Mother sitting on her Lotus.  Copper Gold Light is filling your Root Chakra, letting it expand and pulse in rhythm with the other Chakras.  See that the Copper Gold Light has expanded to create a Cocoon around you and Divine Mother within the Cocoon of the Great Silent Watcher.  The Turquoise Blue Cocoon is holding you and Divine Mother and your Energy Bodies within it. Breathe and bathe.

See your Earth Crust Chakra, 10 inches below the surface of the Earth, is filling with Copper Gold Light and Divine Mother is sitting in your Earth Crust Chakra on her Lotus, magnifying the energy as it pours down and filling your Hara Line all the way down to the Core of the Earth with Copper Gold Light. Breathe and bathe.

Feel the Copper Gold Light of Divine Mother satiate your Body, your Energy Bodies, Antahkarana Cord, and your Hara Line, all the way down to the Core of the Earth.  Sit fully in the embrace of Divine Mother, fully in the love of Divine Mother.

Let us set our intentions that Divine Mother’s wishes, Divine Mother’s intentions, Divine Mother’s desires for what we accomplish on her behalf from now on be exceeded beyond what is possible, beyond all potential, beyond all expectation, beyond all limitation.  That she is successful with what she wants to accomplish for us, for Earth, for Humankind, and for this Hierarchy, beyond expectation, beyond limitation. 

Let us set the intention that all of Goddess Victory’s intentions for what we will accomplish on her behalf from this moment on be accomplished beyond expectation and limitation and all that Great Silent Watcher and all of her intentions that she has set on our behalf and on behalf of Earth and humankind and on behalf of our own Divine Mother be exceeded beyond expectation and limitation.  Now take a moment to set your own personal and global intentions.

Let us together set our intentions to acknowledge, receive, anchor, magnify and transmit the energies of the Divine Feminine, raise our own vibration, and affect the lives of everyone around us.  We will anchor the Energies of the Divine Feminine within our beloved Mother Earth, on behalf of humankind, and on behalf of Goddess Gaia, the deity of Earth,

Add Divine Mother and the Energies of the Divine Feminine to your Morning Routine

Now I propose that every morning you remember this Grid of Light. You may do it as you wake up or while you take your shower. Setting the Gird in the shower while you clean your physical body with running water is potent and beneficial.  Therefore while standing in the shower invite Divine Mother to create this Grid around you. Invite Divine Mother into each one of your Chakras and fill your Antahkarana Cord and Hara Line with the Copper Gold Light of Divine Mother. Fill your body and Energy Bodies with the Love and the Light of Divine Mother and offer the day to Divine Mother.

Ask Divine Mother, for her love and blessing and ask that she be with you every moment, and that her connection with you be felt in every moment. Ask that every thought, word and deed be over lighted with Divine Mother; Divine Mother speaking words through your mouth; Divine Mother performing each action for you.   Ask that every thought, word and deed be completely aligned with the Will of the Divine Feminine.  Request that you are satiated with the Energies of Divine Mother, that the Energies of Victory pour over you at all times, and that the Turquoise Blue Cocoon of Great Silent Watcher with the Energies of Protection, Fearlessness and Divine Power be  magnified for you. Start each day bathing in the Energies of the Divine Feminine, through these Beings. 

I thank you for all the work that you do on behalf of earth and humankind and on behalf of Divine Mother, Goddess Victory, Great Silent Watcher and all of the Goddesses that have come forth on our behalf.

So It Is, It Is Done, Amen.

© FAGU 2012


August 8 2012 Gateway Portal

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duration 28:54 :: Grounding + Grid Invocation + Meditation with Jim Foster

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